Cuba on Tap!

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There is a well known controversy raging in the international courts regarding who has the right to use the trademarks originating in Cuba prior to 1959. USA courts, directed by the laws of Congress, often differ with the EU and World Trade Organization adjudication.

Cuba has been the country of origin of many fine beverages and cocktails made with Cuban ingredients. Ernest Hemingway often frequented the Habana Hangouts and was well known in his ability to enjoy the food and nightlife.

Cuba on Tap!!! and this website,, is an informational resource on these Cuban beverages and nightlife in Habana. The best known drinks in Cuba, in addition to the fine beer, are rum drinks, such as: the mojito, the daiquiri, and pina colada....made with fresh coconut. A favorite country "watering hole" is overlooking the Yumuri River Valley above a scenic bridge en route to Matanzas from Habana. A large white cat there, "Happy Cat", will gladly drink pina coladas directly from your wonder he is happy.

Havana Bay Company, when legal for USA companies, will be in the forefront of opening up the Tap of Cuban beverages to the USA. Please send Havana Bay Company your Cuban beverage recipes and anecdotes.


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